Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches with Spicy Ginger Moravian Cookies

Ginger Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches

Two classic holiday flavors combine to make a simple, delicious dessert that will delight your party guests! Make these ahead of your holiday festivities and pull them out of the freezer just before guests arrive. 


24 Spicy Ginger Moravian Cookies
10oz  bag of peppermint candies, crushed
1  pint Peppermint Ice Cream


1. Scoop ice cream onto bottom cookie.
2. Top ice cream with second cookie.
3. Roll cookie sandwich in crushed peppermint pieces. You can crush them using a food processor or use a ziploc bag a and a rolling pin. 
4. Freeze for at least an hour to allow the ice cream to freeze and the cookies to soften.
5. Serve and enjoy!

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