Oprah Magazine

O, The Oprah Magazine

Moravian Cookies were featured on the coveted "O List".

"These super thin little wafers don't look particularly extraordinary,
but looks can deceive. Not only are they really delicious,
they have no trans fats."  

- Oprah

Fitness Magazine February 2012


"We're crazy about Salem Baking Company's pink Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies.
They're dipped in artisinal chocolate, and five cookies have
just 140 calories and seven grams of fat. Sweet!"

Southern Living December 2010

Southern Living

Chocolate Enrobed Moravian Cookies were featured
in the magazine's holiday gift guide.

Cooking Light October 2010

Cooking Light

Ginger Spice Moravian Cookies received a Cooking Light Taste Test Award.

"It's hard to believe something this whisper-thin can pack so much flavor.
Salem Baking Company has 12 varieties, but the original is our favorite.
Twelve of these deliver the same calories as one ordinary chocolate-chip cookie."

Lemon Icebox Cake

Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookies are recommended
as an ingredient in a delicious lemon icebox cake recipe.